**Friendly heads-up: if you can't preorder, please come order in-person instead ❤️

So many of our sweeties are used to seeing our food truck roll up. If you’re a bit too far away to stop by and want to take a look around, this page is for you!

Groovy Street Shot

The Spot

We have ample seating, large bright windows, fresh greenery, and hi-speed internet. Our back patio is wonderful for your morning breakfast or an afternoon work session as well. Curious about booking our space for an event? Hit us up! We’re happy to accommodate.

Take a look around : )

  • Welcome!
  • The Morning Spot
  • Ample seating for family & friends
  • Plants Errywhere
  • The Outdoor Patio is where it's at
  • So many options to choose from
  • We <3 Our Sign
  • New Kids On The Block
  • Mmmmmmm Peanut Butter
  • A Fan Favorite
  • Local & Delicious Kombucha